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Breast surgery after radiotherapy

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Has anyone had surgery after having radiotherapy on their breast. I am faced with this dilemma so am interested to find out how things went, did you heal ok. Good/bad results cosmetically? Any problems. Anything else you can share would be most helpful. Many thanks

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I have had radiotherapy on both breasts, although at different times - the last op I had was a mastectomy (a day job at the Royal Marsden) - not a pretty picture now, though it was when the pressure bandage was removed - I decided to leave well alone as your skin is very thin after radiotherapy & my husband said it didn't matter to him if I only had one! When I was younger I would have loved to have nice breasts, but I am small (inheritated), my breasts did the job they were there for, I was a good cow, plenty of milk, but don't need that now. So am happy 'in my own skin' - don't wear a bra anymore, don't really need them, although I have a few + a few prothesis which I only put on when we go out somewhere special & I wear a nice dress. Just make sure you don't sun bathe topless because of the skin. Enjoy life - there is more to life than having a bit missing or none at all!

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So you had mastectomy after radio? Did you have any complications with healing after the surgery? I need surgery after radio, reduction to ease another problem following BC. I’ve been told healing will take longer & it may not look as good as now. I’m in such a dilemma, do I risk the surgery with potential issues or do I put up with a problem that affects my quality of life 🤷‍♀️ thanks for your reply.

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All depends on how you feel - as Caswell says she had a reconstruction using tummy skin, which happens to quite a few people. I didn't think about this, as in my case I had an op for bowel cancer & have a scar on my tum, so it wouldn't be much use. Don't worry about how things look, after all, who sees your breasts (only close family) - have a chat with your consultant about your concerns to put your mind at rest & then make a decision.

Hi there, I had reconstruction post mastectomy and radiotherapy. As they used skin from my tummy it was fine but the skin on my chest would have been too thin - it was a radical job! I haven't had any problems and that was 6 years ago - there is always scar tissue which can be painful but I needed to do it. Good luck xx

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