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I've been giving sickness tablets by the doctor because a few weeks ago I was always heaving and feeling sick. They helped but I stopped taking them and yes the feeling came back.

Trying to get more. I'm wondering if anyone knows if maybe it's indigestion now. My stomach often hurts and gurgles. After I eat I feel the need to heave. Sometimes I can feel gases by my ribs and then I end up heaving. Little food comes up. The feeling stops me eating. Gaviscon is not helping as you have to take it after eating and I get this during.

Doctors appointments are hard to get so I guess any words of wisdom from people who may have experienced this? I'm struggling at the moment. Thank you.

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Hi Jenwales88, I just posted about the same thing. I have the worst all day sickness at the moment and this is impacting my day to day.

Out of interest, which tablet have you been prescribed by your doctor?

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