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I’m seriously dreading having a c-section. It has completely ruined my last weeks of pregnancy. We found out our son is breech after being told up until week 36 he’s cephalic.

I’m depressed, crying, really upset and really struggling to see the light side, that we’ll have our son at the end of it. Im seriously spiralling. It’s not the surgery as such it’s the admission to a ward and the inability to have my partner there for the first night of our sons life. I feel like I’m being punished for not being able to have a vaginal birth by the banning on birthing partners on wards. Especially while people pile into events and night clubs…

I’m already a PP psychosis risk and extremely worried this is experience mixed with how I’m feeling now is going to push me over the edge…

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My boy was breech around the same number of weeks last year in lockdown. I had an ECV at 37 weeks and it worked, I did this to avoid being on my own after a c section, although the surgery itself didn’t bother me, like you.

My Labour didn’t go to plan and I ended up with a c section anyway, I didn’t want to be on my own on a ward a bit like you. So I paid for a private room, so I had privacy in the time I had on my own to FaceTime my husband/family without bothering others or being bothered by others. This really helped me.

If I were you I’d speak to your midwife about your concerns and see if there is anything they can do to help. If private rooms are available (at a cost or not) this might be a good option for you, or it might not help at all - just sharing what helped me.

Best of luck with your birth and baby x

Thank you! I had a failed ECV Wednesday. Have tried everything else. If I wouldn’t have gone in for reduced movements twice we’d have never known he was breech.

I hold hope he still might turn but it’s doubtful. I’ve made a deal with myself I’m staying no more than 24 hours, less if I can help it to be honest. Genuinely considered going private as my partners mum is well off enough and they let your partner stay for your recovery. Just might not have time to plan it is all.

I’ll just have to see how it goes but I will be talking to my midwife Tuesday and my partner is coming with me at least to that appointment. Might ask if they’ll try another ECV or something, anything to avoid the stay.

I feel so guilty for dreading the birth of our first child, it’s completely ruined the end of my pregnancy :(

Oh I’m sorry 😞 I’ll keep my fingers crossed he turns for you!

At our hospital you don’t have to go private for the section, just pay for a room off the ward (if there is one available) the cost was £175 no matter how long you stayed and that money goes into the ward so I felt good it would go to the care of other babies.

Good plan on speaking to your midwife and glad your partner can come with you for that.

I was out the next day midday after my section at 7am the previous day so hopefully if you do have one it’s the same for you.

Best wishes x

How did your birth go in the end? Hope you're doing OK? Xx I found this thread as the same thing happened to me - breech at 36 weeks after being head down the rest of the time. Still early stages as haven't had ecv yet but working hard to get my mind set in place for a different t kind of birth. I've been so excited for a vaginal birth (this might sound weird to some!)😢

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