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Ketones in urine (5 weeks pregnant)


Hi, today I went to the GP and they found I have Ketones in my urine. They were not sure of the amount of ketone so they send it to laboratory for more info. I know this might be a sign of gestational diabetes, but I am only 5 weeks pregnant! They checked my insulin and everything was ok....

For context: I took the sample at 10:00 am and haven’t had eaten for 15 hours... could this be the cause?


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I think you're better off talking to your GP about it, I'm not sure anyone here is going to be able to give you medical advice.I've got gestational diabetes but I had it in my first pregnancy so I was treated early at about 8 weeks just after my booking in appointment.

You wouldn't normally see a GP pregnancy so if they've had you in for tests they would probably be best to speak to about any queries, hope it all works out OK x

Ketones can be a sign of dehydration or if youre not eating/only eating non carbs like the keto diet (hence the name). If they checked your blood sugar (rather than insulin) that would have been to exclude diabetes. In general if you have questions worth asking them during the consultation, as no one can read your mind about your queries

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