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After late term abortion


Hello, 3 weeks ago I had a late term abortion, I was just over 23 weeks pregnant. I’m still bleeding but it’s brown instead of normal colour, is that normal? Also I still get the occasion cramp and weird feeling in my tummy.

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Hi Emily. The brown blood will be old blood that was still in your uterus so not from a new bleed or anything. And you’re likely to feel pain and cramping for a while as your uterus decreases back to it’s original size and shape.

Emily124 in reply to Kat_39

Hi Kat, thankyou so much for responding!! The next day of writing the previous question I started my period, at least I think I did. I have been bleeding more than I ever had whilst on my period and more pain than I’ve ever had whilst on my period.. I know I was bound to start my period at some point but I read that period usually comes back after 4-6 weeks yet I started after 3.. is this also normal?

Kat_39 in reply to Emily124

I don’t think there’s such a thing as normal; only what’s normal to you. And that could be anything as every single person is different. Hope you’re ok.

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