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Spd in agony


Has anyone else got spd I'm in agony just to do school run and back ive got a physio booked for two weeks but feels so long away

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Yes I had this from 14 weeks pregnant it was so debilitating, so really feel for you. I still have it post partum, little one is 3 months now, although it's not as bad.

I bought a serola belt on advice from physio. I could only have physio via telephone as it was during the first lockdown, so wasn't as helpful as it could have been and it got really bad by the end of my pregnancy. But the belt definitely help me while pregnant and is really helping now to!

Afrohair in reply to Bluebirds7

Mine is going to be on the phone I'm hoping I'll get crutches or some tubi grip as I'm hobbling on one side I bought a belt of eBay and it didn't fit me so didn't want to waste money again the tubi grip helped me last time so hoping the hospital will give it me .what did they say on telephone

Bluebirds7 in reply to Afrohair

The physio was great telling me lots of different exercises to do, it just would have been easier to grasp them in person than them being explained over the phone! She also told me things I should and shouldn't do movement wise to help. But it ended up pretty bad anyway!

I hope they give you what you need it really is a horrible thing to get when you are pregnant.

Best of luck x

Hi,Best thing to do is try to swim every other day or as often as you can and try to do some very basic abdominal exercises every day to create stability around your pelvis.

For example, Lying on your back - lifting both legs up so your hips and knees are bent to 90 degrees, then alternate straightening one leg then the other. 20 seconds x4-6 sets.

Pelvic floor exercises will also help. Belt might help a bit but better placed to support your pelvis are your own muscles.

Hope this helps while you wait.

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