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I’m 4 days late and can see another second faint line

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Hey. Again I’m just wanting a second opinion if anyone else can see what I’m seeing I’m in a bit disbelief at the moment haha. I did another test this morning and got this. Please tell me if I’m correct x

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Hi yes it looks more visible than the other test maybe take another tomorrow and so on and see if it gets any clearer for next few days.

Most probably worth buying a clear blue as there more reliable and will say ‘pregnant’

Thank you x

Hello Shadowgirl143,

I can definitely see a very faint line, I’ve used those tests before and they’ve always been accurate, I agree with Shanice_moore, try a clear blue digital. Also if you are pregnant, congratulations and enjoy the journey ahead 🙂

Awww thank you this means so much

You’re very welcome, I’m also sorry to see you experienced a rough time last October in your previous post, I experienced pregnancy loss in March this year too and am currently 7 weeks pregnant, it will be scary this time around but if you need to talk to someone then you’re more than welcome to message me 🙂

Thank you so much that means so much x

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