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Did I misscarry?


I am confused and need some kind of reassurance and/or advice.

This month my period was 3 days late prior to this I had very strange cramping, I haven't had period pains since I was 15 (i am 29 now) I didn't think anything of the cramps and eventually what I thought was a period came along, however this period was intensely heavy, to the point I was passing thick clots and stringy red things I woke up one night to find blood all over my pjama .With this all happening my stomach had been acheing a long with my back.

The bleeding started on Tuesday.. it's been 5 days and now i have a little tiny brown discharge but my stomach hurts on the left side it comes in waves and feels like a stabbing sensation.

Anyone have any idea? until I call my doctor on Monday.

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Hi, how are you. Any news Bout what happen to you. Ive been in the same situation now. But i also think i early miscarriage. I hope all is well with you


Hi, hope you’re ok. If you haven’t already, I would get it checked out as it may have been an early miscarriage. Let us know how you got on and take care x


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