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Just found out that 20 week developmental scan wasn’t carried out!

I’m 37 +6 days pregnant and I have just had a phone call from the hospital who have just admitted that when I had a scan at 20 weeks the sonographer didn’t carry out the appropriate measurements and that I just had a cervical scan....

They were really apologetic and the case has been taken up by the trust and now when I have my baby delivered by c section next week that a paediatrician will be carrying out tests on him...

I’ve had quite a few growth scans carried out every 4 weeks throughout the pregnancy so I’m hoping something would of been picked up?

As looking through my notes in the scans it says heart seen, kidneys seen etc but no measurements taken.

I’m now really worried, that he’s going to have something wrong with hi,, but then I’m thinking even if they had done the scan correctly what could they do about it?

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I hope all went well and your boy arrived healthy!! 🤞🏼


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