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Missed pill


Hi I’m on the combined pill and missed one and took it 16 hours after. Do I continue taking the rest as normal and then have my 7 day break or should I go straight onto the next packet straight away


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Hi there, you should still have your 7 day break but after missing the pill for that length of time you should use alternative forms of contraction too x

yes ... even if you missed the time to take a pill you should take the remaining and be on the regime as usual. And so on allow the 7 days gap as needed. However, missing a pill in case you had like 72 hours window D2D then the risk of getting pregnant even on the pill is there. That doesn't surely happens though but there's a little chance for it.

If you only took it 16 hours late it seems that it doesn’t even count as a missed pill and that it should be fine:


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