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Am I pregnant?


I wonder if anyone can help as I feel like I’m going mad!

Basically I came of my contraception in Dec 18. I struggle with bad heavy periods always have. So me and my fiancé have been having unprotected sex since coming of the pill.

I came on my period 4 days early on the 18th Feb 2019 but it was extremely light and barely anything. It lasted 2 days and was mainly just spotting. I have been feeling so tired and Ive lost my appetite.

Took a test and negative, then went the doctors and she picked up a faint line. I’ve done a few tests after visiting the doctors and negative again!

I’m not due on my next period until 18th March (So 2 weeks off) am I testing too early?

Any help would be amazing Thankyou x

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Best advice I can give is ask for a HCG blood test after a missed period x

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Thankyou for your advice I will do that x


Hi there, TBH the symptoms and the bleeding pattern sounds like this could really be a pregnancy. However, symptoms are so similar in both pregnancy, PMS and another progesterone surge it's impossible to say for sure based on symptoms alone. It so happens, without the HPT or blood test confirming it there's no way to be certain about implantation bleeding. Did you have a blood HCG by now? What does it say?


Hi Thankyou for your reply. I did a pregnancy test 3 days before my next period was due and I am definitely pregnant currently 6 weeks.

So I just knew very soon, so soon that the tests didn’t pick up on it that early.



Aww congratulations this jus gave me a little more hope

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