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I think I might be pregnant !!

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so last week I had sex, my period is weeks away so I can’t judge it by that!! We didn’t use protection and he unexpectedly came quickly so only just pulled out! Ever since I’ve had a lot of discharge and it doesn’t smell like usual it’s more so smells like him. I’ve had cramps like when I have my period n I’m just a bit worried !! Are these signs of being pregnant?

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you had a test or blood test or test wee I have son and daughter

No I haven’t done any test, i don’t want to buy one if there’s no need x

Monday go to your doctors the nurse do a test

If your period is weeks away, and you only had sex a week ago, no test is going to pick that up yet including at the doctors (in the UK, GPS don’t normally do blood tests and a urine test won’t pick up yet). You need to wait at least two weeks after sex or 4-5 days before your period is due and a first response pregnancy test bought from the chemist will pick it up (or go to your family planning clinic). Most GPs don’t test routinely for pregnancy and will ask you to do a home test.

In the meantime, I would suggest going to a sexual health clinic and getting tested to make sure you don’t have an infection due to the change in discharge.

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