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So I went for my pre-assessment before the abortion yesterday.

She couldn’t find anything on the abdominal scan but estimates me around 6 weeks now not 8. She said I have RH D negative blood which means I would apparently reject the foetus anyways? She gave me a leaflet for ectopic pregnancy and told me to look out for any symptoms, and go straight to A&E if I have any? I’m confused what’s going on has anyone ever experienced this before??

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Didn't want to read and run. I havent had any experience with abortion but im not sure why she told you having a negative rhesus factor would mean you would reject baby automatically. I am Rhesus negative and my partner is positive we are expecting our 3rd child in october and all it has meant is that i need injections in case blood flow mingles and baby is positive.

I think your best option is to ring them back and ask for clarification and advice they should give it to you.


Did she make you an appointment to return? They won’t carry out the abortion until they can see it on the scan. It happened to me I had to return a week later, I was given all the ectopic pregnancy leaflets too. When I went back she could see what she needed to on the scan I just wasn’t as far along as I first thought.

Yes I’m booked in for next Thursday, I’m hoping they can see what they need to. Thank you for sharing your experience

Hope everything went ok today and you get some resolution soon!

Unfortunately I have to wait until next Thursday for my scan, so another week of waiting. It’s making me feel so nervous and worried.

Ah I misread sorry, thought it was today! Hope next week goes ok. As Kate91 said, rhesus status shouldn’t affect viability but it sounds like you must not be too far gone which gives you more time and options I guess? All the best for next week!

Yeah, I’m pretty set on keeping I think, not 100% sure but I’m know my partner said he isn’t ready and financially isn’t the best but things change I guess. I feel ready but need to think what’s best for us as a couple.

You have bags of time, whatever you choose

H305 in reply to Rosesandpetals

If you want to keep the baby you really should. If you abort for the sake of your relationship the resentment will affect you as a couple anyway. Good luck

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