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1-3 weeks

Hello everyone,

so i have pcos and ive just found out I am pregnant FINALLY!!!

Is there any way I can get an early scan? and who do I contact

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You can google reassurance scans for your local area, they cost about £20-60 but worth every penny if you’re worrying!! Otherwise your first nhs scan will be around 12 weeks if you can wait that long!!


I have PCOS as well, and I was told I had to go private for an early scan or wait for the 12 week NHS scan. Congratulations by the way!


Congratulations! X


Big congratulations!! I have dm'd you as we are not allowed to put specifics of names or prices on the board. Xx


Congrats! I got my early scan from Babybond and it cost around £90. The NHS only do 12-week scan and 20-week scan unless you have a medical emergency which requires additional scanning. Try not to worry too much about it though, as there’s nothing you can do except eat healthy and take care of yourself. Any scan is just a nice opportunity to see the baby and feel reassured that it’s healthy. But even if it’s healthy one week, you could have a miscarriage the next week, so I guess that’s why they don’t do a lot of scans on the NHS because there’s no point. The 12-week scan is to measure the baby and check for Downs, and the 20-week scan is to check that all hands, feet, heart, brain, and everything look ok and there’s no birth defects.


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