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Nausea at work


Hi all

It's been a while since I posted, had 3 weeks off work to celebrate my 30th birthday, got my appointment for our dating scan as the 19th July yey, and I hope the baby is well. Tomorrow however is my first day back at work.

Some may already know this, I am a staff working full time in a busy theatre. So far they have had me in reception to minimise my exposure to the anaesthetic gases, but tomorrow I am going back on the pain team (another part of my extended role).

Thing is i am so nauseated, i dont want to eat or drink! I have difficulty smelling food, opening fridges, hell even talking or thinking about food has me retching. I have lost weight so far, 10 weeks since lmp.

Im so nervous about the travel to work, not embarassing myself with patients, handling lunch or break times :( any other nhs workers out there experienced similar? Any advice?

Thanks again for listening to the ranting x

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If you are having severe problems speak to your gp they can prescribe anti sickness meds

Kate91 in reply to Kate91

I have had to have them with both my.last pregnancy and this one. I lost weight in the first few months as well. Last time I ended up weighing less after birth than I did when I first found out I was pregnant and I have a feeling that's going to happen again. Currently 23 week and only gained a lb

Kvelvetrose in reply to Kate91

It's only classed as severe if you can't hold food or water down for 6 hours. I'm not often sick mostly it's just lots of embarrassing retching and the complete loss of drive towards food and drink, I have to force myself.

I feel awful for you! I really hope that my nausea clears up a bit after the first trimester, I don't think I could cope with this all the way through.

I really hope this time is different for you, fingers crossed! Xx

Yep! I work in ITU and research on rotation. I struggled to eat at the start but just had small snacks little and often and drank plenty of water. I gagged in front of colleagues and patients plenty of times and just apologised, explained I was pregnant and we all moved on! You just find a way to get on with it really. I found once I got going and distracted myself with work it wasn’t so bad. You’ll find a way to work around it, I only ever phoned in sick once and that’s because I’d been up all night throwing up and there’s no way I’d function safely. 22 weeks now and it’s all subsiding thank god! I’m just grateful to work in one of the few air conditioned areas of the hospital!!

Kvelvetrose in reply to jenna01

Bless you, it's really embarrassing isn't it! I'm glad you have air conditioning, in theatre we only have them in the operating theatres themselves :( so it's hot most of the time.

Today as you say wasn't too bad, once I got going it was OK. Vomited before leaving the house this morning, on arrival in the car park and nearly lost it at lunch, but managed to pull it back. Had a bit retching since I got home and yet to have tea (OH busy cooking) but all in all I'd say it wasn't too bad a day, drank about 2100mls water so far which isn't bad. Just got to get up and do it all again tomorrow :/

I hope your journey continues and you can enjoy it more with less nausea x

jenna01 in reply to Kvelvetrose

Aww yes the heat makes it so much worse! You poor thing. Hopefully it starts to ease for you soon too. With eating I didn’t reallt have a proper ‘meal’ for several weeks because the smell put me off but I found beans on toast and cheese sandwiches bearable. Try and force yourself to have a little something, especially first thing when you wake up and people say that helps. Always felt worse when I had an empty stomach. At 10 weeks you are probably at the worst stage but at 12-16 weeks it starts to get better and will be so worth it!! You got this!!

Kvelvetrose in reply to jenna01

Thanks Jenna I hope so, all the best to you too xx

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