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Advice please

Ok.so I'm 15 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Last time I had severe morning sickness that had me.in hospital 3 times for fluids and iv anti sickness meds. This time GP already have them.to me but to take as and when where as hospital had me on the permanently last time. I'm still throwing up all time but this time I'm getting loads of bad headaches and going really dizzy all time and having to lay down till it goes as I feel like I'm going to pass out. I keep getting really shaky as well. I'm seeing consultant on 14th and then midwife on 17th. But I was wondering if anyone else.hs had the same.

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I’m 14 weeks pregnant and am getting really bad headaches too. I think it could be anemia, caused by low iron. You should try to take your pregnancy vitamins and also iron. As you’re pregnant, your body needs more blood, to be sent to the baby, which takes from the blood that goes to your head, causing headaches and dizziness. Try to rest as much as you need to, and try to eat healthly. I tried to take iron supplements too, but they made me very constipated and I had to give them up. I have headaches on a daily basis. I also feel nausea a bit and I threw up once a couple of days ago. I have been recommended to eat more vegetables but I can’t stand vegetables. I got some spinach to make a green smoothie, and I’m also making fruit smoothies with ice, like a milkshake. It’s hard to think of ways I can take enough vitamins and minerals without throwing up...


I do take my vitamins and I'm not aneamic unless it's set in since my last bloods were done. This is my third pregnancy and eating more vegetables isn't the issue I always eat a balanced diet anyway. The problem is even with anti sickness medication from the gp I'm still throwing up most of what I eat. I get that I get more headaches when pregnant but this is the first time I've gone dizzy to the point of almost passing out on a regular basis. I have hyperemesis gravidarium for the second time around. Which can lead to you throwing up 30 plus times a day. I literally can't eat more the a few mouthful without a wanting to throw it back up. So eating more vegetables isn't going to solve the problem. Last pregnancy I was advised to eat high protein and high calorie foods as I was keeping so little down.


Then, obviously while following the doctors advice on what you should eat, maybe consider getting your blood sugar levels up somehow. Also, drink lots of water too like suggested below - at least 2L a day. With the pregnancy find my energy levels are very low, so I eat a little candy or a fruit if it’s been more than 2 hours since my last meal. I found that helps a bit with my energy levels. I have also found that experimenting with different kind of foods helped me overcome nausea. Like, I recently tried bread and butter and jam, which I never ate before. But somehow I manage to eat it. Some things I used to eat I don’t like to eat anymore. I hope you feel better soon.


Hi Kate,

I have no experience of this (or even being pregnant for that matter!), but I know dehydration can cause headaches & dizziness. This could be contributing to them, as you are being so sick! Try to drink plenty of water, even if you think it will come back up!

J x


Thank you for replying. Again this is something I'm doing as last pregnancy I had to javebiv fluids on hospital it got that bad as even water was hitting my stomach and coming right back up.


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