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Am I pregnant?

So in December, I guy fingered me, i really didn't enjoy it but we were both naked at one point until he put his underwear back on. I've had periods since then but I'm worried that I'm pregnant. I haven't taken a test because I'm scared and I didn't take one earlier because I had my period after so I didn't think much to it. Its giving me so much anxiety, I've only spoken to one person about it as I was ill a few days after it had happened, and three up. But she said I couldn't be pregnant. And now I have serious anxiety to the point where it's constantly on my mind and I can't eat properly and I just stay in bed because I can't focus on anything. I want to go see a doctor but I have to wait for them to process my details as I'm at uni and I can't go to the one at home because I'd have to ask my mum and I feel like shes be really disappointed in me.

Someone help it's driving me insane. If I was pregnant I'd be like 3 months or something and I'm scared and my anxiety has gone through the roof.

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Your not pregnant hun. The only way you could be is if you had unprotected or possibly protected ( in rare cases) sex you've had neither. Fingers don't produce sperm hun. Calm down 💗🤗😘


It's literaly not possible if you didnt have his penis penetrate you. unless his fingers were covered in semen when he fingered you then there is no chance, if you are realy concerned take a home test it would show up by now


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