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Help periods / morning after pill / northeristone

I hope I’m not rambling too much when I say this. I had been on period delay medication while we were on holiday in November and came of that and had my first period on 11th of December 11 days after my normal date and no chance of pregnancy then.

My cycles are between 36/40 days as I have endometriosis. we had a little accident dtd on Wednesday the 10th of January (day 31 in cycle) period according to tracker should have been on Day 36 in cycle yesterday) however I took Ellaone within 48 hours. (5/6 days before period was actually due to start) We have returned from a zika zone it says to wait 8 weeks before ttc the plan is to ttc again but not until later in the year.

I am Having lots of tummy cramps as if my periods due but nothing else. Discharge is cloudy the way is is normally before period but there isn’t much of it. Not quite sure what normal is after taking Ellaone and when I should test or if it’s normal for the next cycle to be delayed or how long for. Don’t want to see My GP or Gyna who are family friends

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Im not sure if its the same with Ellaone but Levonelle can really mess with your cycle because of the hormones in it. My period was really messed up so I took two tests to be on the safe side which were negative although Im still worried if theres a chance I could be pregnant since I have an endoscopy coming up. I would wait two or three weeks and then take a test xx


Thanks Lauren let me know how you get on


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