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Hi, I'm wondering if someone could give me some advice?

My partner and I had protected sex on the 21st of February but unfortunately we realised the condom split afterwards.

I was due to start my period on the 26th of February and I'm usually regular, and have never been more than a day late and I am still waiting for it to come.

I took a test today (1st March) and it came up as negative. I was wondering if there would still be a chance I was pregnant? Or whether I tested too early after contraception?

Any help would be appreciated, I've never been in this sort of situation before and I'm extremely confused.


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Hi there

I'm afraid you have tested too early. You need to leave it until 3 weeks after sex which in your case will be the 14th March for your pregnancy test to be accurate. You can use some very sensitive pregnancy tests before your period is due such as ‘first response’ but unfortunately the results they would give wouldn’t be as accurate as if you waited until your period is due before testing – although I completely appreciate that you must be very anxious to test as soon as possible.

If you are still worried it might be a good idea to pop down to your local contraceptive and sexual health clinic to talk about your dates. You can find your local clinic here:

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Thank you! This is extremely helpful, I've not found anywhere that I was to wait three weeks after conception so I'm grateful for this info!


Glad I could help.


Hi! Sorry to bother again!

Im now 11 days late on my period, have morning sickness (around ten o'clock in the morning) with nausea all day, acne, exhaustion among other things.

Since I started getting symptoms I tested again to be sure using first response and still got a negative!

Is this common?



Not a bother at all! I know it must be frustrating but as you had sex on 21st February it might be the case that, even though your period is late, there isn't enough of the pregnancy hormones for the test to pick it up. It is advisable to wait three weeks after sex before testing, and that would be 14th March. The wait must be difficult, but if you are very anxious you could pop down to your local sexual health clinic to have a chat in the meantime. I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



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