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I'm 25 years old and was on the depo shot had a total of 3 last one being march 2013 which left me due for the next one in June 2013 and have been TTC since my last shot and have had no luck. My cycle became regular in Aug 2013 and just recently started taking fertility vitamins that are to help conceive which I've heard nothing but positive reviews I really don't know what else to do, its very upsetting when I have my menstrual cycle every month and unable to conceive. Has anyone been through this and what helped?

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  • Hi there,

    I completely understand that it must be very frustrating when you are trying to conceive, but it can take up to 18 months for fertility to return after stopping the Depo injections, so it might be that you just need a bit more time.

    There is limited evidence that fertility vitamins improve your chances of conceiving - but it is very important to take folic acid when TTC as this supports the healthy development of your pregnancy. The best thing to do is to try to relax (although I know this might be difficult), stay healthy and have regular sex. There's more advice from the NHS here which might be of use:

    If you haven't conceived by March, so a year since you started trying, then you should pop down to your GPs for chat just to check there isn't anything else going on that might be affecting your fertility. If you have had problems in the past such as an ectopic pregnancy then do visit your GP sooner. Again, the Depo injection can knock your fertility for quite a while, so your problems conceiving may well be related to that.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you for the information. I've been TTC for what seems like forever I guess I made a bad decisions when I choose depo I was only thinking of how convenient it was and not the lasting effects I thought since my last shot was almost two years ago it would be out of my system and everything would regulate right after. I hadn't really stressed until recently because I had read so much on it taking at least a year before being able to conceive. Is there anything you can take to assist or speed the process up? I do have unprotected sex at least twice a week and three times a week while ovulating, I just started the vitamins a bit over a week ago slightly before ovulating hopefully they make a miracle and they do contain a level of folic acid as well as you mentioned.

  • Sorry, no there isn't anything you can take to speed up to process. I can completely understand your frustration - it's very important that before women start on any method of contraception the risks are explained, and I'm sorry if that wasn't the case with your experience of the Depo injections. Try not to stress to much - as I said, it can take 18 months for your fertility to return to normal, and December will have been 18 months since your last injection so your problems conceiving may well be related to that.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but do try not to worry. A visit to your GPs might help put your mind at ease.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you I truly appreciate your time as well as the information given ☺

  • No worries at all - really glad I could be of help and I hope everything works out for you and your partner.

    All the best,


  • Thank you I will just keep TTC and not stress and give it a bit more time.

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