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Am I pregnant?

I had some pregnancy symptoms like painful swollen breasts and acid reflux for a week after my ovulation, but then my period came, 1-2 days later than usual, but I had no period cramps. I took one pregnancy test but it wasn’t with the first urine of the day, and came back negative. Period was a bit lighter than normal, no cramps, and ended earlier (only 3 days with 1 day of spotting). Today it should be the 4th day of period but I feel nausea, and I have no more period. Should I take another test, or should I wait until next month and see if I get my next period?

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Were you checking ovulation on OPKs? If yes, then chances are it could be your implantation bleeding. But one can never be sure if it's implantation or a light period (normal to happen all of a sudden) unless there's a BFP later on. I'll not recomment another test right away - wait till 15DPO and then do an HPT. Hope you get what you're looking for, good luck! :)

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