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Feeling concerned

Hi I'm 18 weeks and I just don't feel myself at all I'm a first time mum so very unsure whether this is normal or not, does anyone feel tried and drained?like I mean Im getting a full nights sleep but I can't seem to get out of bed and when I do I just want to sit and do nothing, it feels like my body won't let me do anything I felt this before becoming pregnant I lost my job over it but since getting pregnant it's got worse and worse, just wondered if someone could advise me what to do?it's really getting me down and I can hardly eat to add to this I have 5/6 mouth fulls and I get uninterested in my meal and can't eat anyone?advise please guys?xx

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Hello dear , First of all congratulations , I read your post and I simply want to say that it's a natural thing . No worries ...... All this happen in this stage but you should be vary careful about your diet . Eat healthy and keep smiling dear ........... :)


Talk to your doctor IRS common for moms to become depressed.


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