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Help!! TTC

I started the cerelle pill last year in August. At first my periods were coming and going, I'd be on for like a month and then it wouldn't come back until 6 months later, then my periods stopped and they came back irregular again. 2 months ago me and my partner decided that we want to try and conceive so I've now came off the pill. I went to speak to my Dr yesterday and she said that it can take over a year for my fertility to come back and it can take a year to conceive.. is this true?! I'm quite sexually active and AF is due in about 2-3 weeks, I've had bloating on and off, my boobs have slightly changed.. and I lost my appetite a week ago but now I have gained it back, also experienced problems with constipation and diarreah! Can anyone please give me some advice about the pill situation and trying to conceive and does my symptoms sound like af on her way or pregnancy? Please reply. Thank you x

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First, contrary to popular opinion, there is no specific period to wait before TTC, it is safe to straight away. However, most doctors will advise you to wait until you’re back on your natural cycle. This way, it is also easy to tell if you are ovulating and your due date. This information can be collected from a scan though, so it should not really adversely affect a pregnancy. If you were using the pill for additional purposes such as managing period pains, you might want to first solve this problem and if it has any consequence if you conceive. If you stopped mid-packet, you might experience some withdrawal bleeding. This is not of ovulation and can make it confusing to tell when you really are ovulating. But yes, there is no problem if you stopped mid-cycle either. On average, it takes 1-3 months for the body to resume ovulation, though it may take longer. Basically, it depends on fast how your body is able to return the normal function and levels of hormones in your body which were under the control of the pill. One huge red flag that you are ovulating is of course, your periods which should come naturally 14-16 days after ovulation.


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