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Rhesus negative anti d injection advice


Hi folks,

I'm after some advise re' my previous pregnancy. Long story short, I had a miscarriage two weeks ago (my second pregnancy) which started me looking into the history of my previous (successful) pregnancy four years ago.

I'm B rhesus negative and my daughter is A positive so I was on the radar for anti d injections. I had one at about 18 weeks as I'd had a knock on my tummy. After the birth it turns out that I didn't have one until 5 days after (daughter was born on the 3rd, I had anti d on the 8th). My question is, was this too late to be beneficial for future pregnancies as the NHS states within 72 hours after.

I'm fairly certain that my miscarriage wasn't to do with blood groups etc as I was only 8 weeks but I'm worrying about trying again etc.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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