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Can i postpone second abortion pill for a few days


Hi guys need a little advise so iv booked in to have an abortion (am 4 weeks) had the first appoitment yesterday and without thinking said yes to the first pill then and there i am due to go back tomorrow for second lot of tablets but i have no one to go with me or collect my children why i go and it is also my son's 6th birthday the day after im due the 2nd lot and were going lego land i havent changed my mind i just need to no if i can hold of on taking the second lot for a phew days just until someone can come with me and so i dint spoil my sons birthday by being in pain and not being able to go lego land with him ...,,its completly my fault i just said yes without actually asking family for help and now iv asked they all cant im not spotting or bleeding just a touch of cramping very slightly iv called centre but they have said no docters are available to talk until late afternoon but my app is now first thing tomorrow any advise would be great

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Wish I could give u an answer, but from what I've read it's between 1-3 days I think? I'm actually due my consultation tomorrow. I've been anxious about how long I would have to wait to take the tablets as I'm off on a family trip next week and would really like to have gone through it by then before my relatives notice something 😕 but reading that u were offered the same day has reassured me. I hope ur able to get a definitive answer soon.

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