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Hi me and my partner are going to go through having an abortion, I've always said against this but at this time I know I can't keep the baby I know it sounds selfish but with me been a university student and him working all the time it wouldn't be fair on the baby if I did change My mind I know this is the right thing to do at this time I was just wondering when I go for my first appointment and they do a scan would I be able to request a copy of the scan I know I'm not keeping the baby but I do want to keep him/her in my heart and something to remember them by anyone help?

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  • They don't even let you see the screen when they so the scan so they probably won't let you have a pic

  • they let me see even when i told them not too no matter what but they still asked . worst thing ever.

  • dont do it, biggest regret i have was seeing the baby

  • I feel as if you're having doubts about the abortion from some of the things you say. maybe spend a bit of time thinking over your decision. You say you're against it and want to keep the baby in your heart. and remember them, don't go into anything you may regret. All the best x

  • I agree with H305. This really is someone's life, and you can't go back. I have a friend still trying to cope with having had an abortion after 30 years. There are other similar accounts on this site. Adoption is an option if you feel you really can't cope with parenting now, and in a year it will all be behind you with no regrets. I acknowledge this is really hard but please don't do something you can't look back on and feel OK about.

  • Hi There,

    You can certainly request a scan pic, as some women finds this helps their decision either way. As hard as it is only you know what you can cope with and what you want to do, the nurses are there to help you, they can always give you the pic in an envelope for you to look at it when you are ready. I hope things go ok.

    Best Wishes


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