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Advice please

Hi all,

So I'm 17 and pretty new to sex I've only started having it about 2-3 months ago and it is quite regular. The problem with that is I don't know what to be worried about and what not to be worried about (my school didn't have sex ed).

A couple hours ago I had sex without a condom. I am not on any pills and have no form of contraception. Today was the last day of my period as in I stopped bleeding only about an hour before sex. He pulled out completely and everything and says I don't need to worry so should I worry? Can I get pregnant? What shall I do?

Thanks guys

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If you've had unprotected sex then absolutely you are at risk of getting pregnant. Regardless of when your partner pulled out, semen is produced throughout intercourse. You should always practice safe sex if you want to reduce your risk of catching an std and getting pregnant. I would get yourself to a family planning clinic and discuss contraception options that would work for you and your lifestyle. I would also mention that you've had unprotected sex as they may suggest an std check. Chlamydia is very common in under 18's and over 1,666 teenagers are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection every week in England alone. I don't want to scare you but you need to know the facts before deciding if your partner is worth having unprotected sex with. Here is a good resource for you and a page dedicated to sex and young people


There is no need to panic . If you go to A&E or GP practice and they are able to give you a tablet to prevent getting pregnant but you need to do it ASAP .

You can speak with your Gp than about having some form of contraception such as injections or implant , but you should always keep in mind it doesnt protect you from STD if its not condoms . Obviously needs to be something to ask your other half but never take the risk if u dont know the other person very well . There are other things evan easier to get like genetail herpes , worst case HIV or hepatitis , so just keep that in mind and always evaluata the person you are with and dont take the risk ..

My advice is dont have sex until you have contraception in place or use condoms each time and make sure they are ok , as the worst thing that can happen is to get pregnant and end up in a veey difficult situation being so young .


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