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went for consultation


so I went for a consultation today and found out I am 7 weeks pregnant. I have had a medical abortion before and it was so traumatic. I was advised to have a surgical abortion this time but I'm so scared of hospitals and I don't like the sound of the procedure.

Has anyone had a surgical abortion? I would like to know how you feel afterwards, side effects and if there was anything risks?

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i had a surgical one wen i was 16weks preg and afterwards it was as if nothing had happened i didnt even bleed after


Hi There,

This a link to a page which explains both treatments in detail to help you to decide. We also have some video's, so you can see how a clinic visit would be, as very rarely now are any of the treatments done in a hospital. I hope all goes well, and that this info may help a bit.

Best Wishes



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