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I'm not normally a person to write stuff or ask questions, but usually when having sex, i use condoms, the one time i didn't had me thinking if he had mananged to pull out or not. Just yesterday, i got my period and normally it is quite heavy and have lots of cramp, but it is lighter than usual and my boobs are quite sore? does this mean anything or am i overthinking

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Do you know roughly when you ovulate during your cycle? Also how long before your period started did you have unprotected sex?

The reason for a period is so that the body can expel everything from the womb that was prepped for pregnancy. The body would only expel that if you didn't conceive. Saying that there is still a small chance of a woman being pregnant but still having some bleeding.

Best thing to do is to monitor how long your period lasts for and to log any unusual symptoms that you do not tend to feel during your period or cycle.

Hope this helps.


First signs of my pregnancy were sore boobs and implantation bleeding. If you due now- take a pregnancy test to have peace on your mind.


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