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I'm so unsure what to do

Really don't know what to do. Feel like I'm once again not being listened to. I know my body iv have been through two pregnancy with a lovely daughter but sadly I lost my son through adoption due to being seriously unwell. I was taking the pill which I believed to be the same as the last two types i took i took 3 Pack's I then took the pill free week to be told I wasn't on same as the last two types of pill and I was to take it every day without a break. I have had 3 faint positive and under a digital two lines but the second also faint but more colour to the second line then the 3 before. I'm one of the few that suffers from getting a strong hormone so takes ages for the test of the doc to be clear positive. I am certain I am pregnant also have exactly the same symptoms before and the dull ache in my right ovary exactly the same as past two. I have milk my son will be one in July and as said before sadly I fell poorly and he ended up adopted. Also the growing pains n belly when I wake up first thing Which I suffered in both pregnancy. I feel like I am being ignored the gp saying that they are not able to do anything until they test and shows positive I am at my wit's end feel so torn apart I am wanting to keep the baby but sadly I am wanting to possibly abort due to the horrific outcome of losing my son through adoption. Just posting as I need to off load

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Hi There,

If you feel the GP is not helping why don't you go along to your local contraceptive/sexual health clinic. They can then do a pregnancy test with you, and work through dates etc with you. They can chat through all the options open to you and refer you on to whatever outcome you decide on. It sounds like you could do with a listening ear, and that would be a good place to start. I hope you get some help.

Best Wishes



Hi I had a scan which showed the sac and the lady who scanned me said she would be certain is start of a pregnancy she also said I was so early she couldn't even date me. I had bloods come back and I had results say not pregnant after just 4 days before a hospital appointment did my urine test which come up positive. I know my body and I have had a couple mates that this has happened to due to being so early. The lady who gave me the results said I was likely to miscarry but I still haven't even bled onto a pad. I am praying everything is OK and my bloods this time will come back pregnant on the 18tj this month. I just all week felt so low and anxious and now to top it off I have another wee infection. I was very anemic in last pregnancy so I was wondering as well as only getting the positive result 4 days before the scan and also the lady said she was certain that the sac had the start of a pregnancy there bit was far to early to date whether this is why my bloods came up not pregnant. I'm trying to keep calm but it's so hard. X


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