Pregnant. What's next?

Hi All,

I was getting ready for IVF cycle with NHS due to unexplained infertility when I discovered that I got pregnant naturally. I am now totally confused as I was getting ready for 'guided' pregnancy if you know what I mean and came to this unprepared. What are the next steps for me? Call infertility team and ask them to transfer me to another team? Going back to GP seems unnecessary because they already referred me to obstetricians, just for a different reason. How do people get a midwife referral? Also, what foods should I cut now? Obviously alcohol, but what else? I know unpausterised milk and smoked meats/ fish can be dangerous but not sure what trimester. If someone can refer me to a healthcare-professional written guide, I'd be very grateful too. There is is lot in Google but I need to make sure it is professional advice.

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  • CONGRATULATIONS! Call and cancel the IVF then call your Gp and ask them to make an appointment for you to see the midwife. The appointment will be long - about an hour - as they will take your family history, etc. The will give you a file and folder with lots of reading material in it and from there on they will guide you with everything you need to read, arrange appointments and scans and you can ask questions. If you aren't already, start taking folic acid, and a pregnancy supplement. Food wise, avoid caffeine (2 cups of instant coffee per day max, filter coffee only 1), undercooked meat and fish, etc. You will find in a week or so that you will be put off your food, try eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours it will also help with morning sickness. Ginger biscuits or tea also help's with nausea. Be careful of foods with empty calories, try eat balanced meals with fibre. Prunes or dried fruit also helps to keep you regular. Other than that sleep when you need to and enjoy the tiny life growing inside you. xx

  • Thank you so much! What about tea, is it also not recommended?

  • Be careful of normal tea, it also contains caffeine (again 2 cups per day max), but you can get decaf tea or herbal - Red Bush is very healthy as it has anti-oxidants. Ginger tea for nausea. Also wanted to mention, stay away from liver (too much vitamin A) and any pates. Chocolate also has caffeine, btw. Most of this is in the file that the midwife will give you. xx

  • Thank you!

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