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What contraception is best after labour?

Hello everyone ,

My baby is due any day now hopefully. Just wanting to know what contraception is best or safe to take after i give birth n is fine when breast feeding.

I had my bubble burst when I was told breast feeding isnt a good contraception method lol.

Wanting something that is easy to stop and fertility returns to normal quite quickly. Tried the implant before and just bled constantly.

Thanks all x

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Hi There,

It is a really good idea to plan what you want to use after having your baby before they arrive. When it has been three weeks or more since the birth of your baby, you should use contraception if you don’t want to get pregnant again straightaway. A lot of women are unsure whether they need to use contraception when they are breastfeeding, or don’t know what contraception they can use.

The information below (link to a leaflet) explains when breastfeeding will protect you from unwanted pregnancy, and what contraception you can use without harming your supply of milk, or your baby.

Hope all goes well, good luck.

Best Wishes



Thank you Jules


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