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When to have abortion/Go Private?


My last period was on the 20th of November and I last had sex around the start of December. If I want an abortion before my exams in January, say first few weeks of January, will this be possible as I might only be 5 weeks? If I have it does privately, will this mean it will be easier/quicker to get an appointment, and could I have both the consultation and the treatment on the same day? I would prefer the medical abortion and because of my exams, don't really have time to go back another day. Are there any other benefits of going private?

Also, I won't tell my family and my friends will have exams so won't be able to come, the clinic is a 20 minute walk from where I stay, so would having someone pick my up/walk back with me be necessary after treatment?

Thank you for any advice, very worried about being pregnant despite being confident with my decision. I find that having the information I need calms me somewhat!

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Check that your pregnant first


Hi there,

If you have done the pregnancy test and it is positive, get a consultation sorted as soon as you can, then you can book the treatment date for Jan as you would be very early. Yes, you can have your treatment wherever you choose, and if your are under 9 weeks it can all be done in one visit (consultation then treatment if suitable on same day). If you are under 10 weeks you can still have the tablets, but over 2 visits.

Generally paying won't make it quicker as Bpas are also the private providers, as most areas now don't have an NHS service. After a medical, bleeding generally starts a few hours later so you would have time to walk back, as long as you go straight home. If someone can be with you later that's nicer for you. Hope all goes well.

Best Wishes


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