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Static fundal growth


Hi all,

I'm after some help! I had a midwife apt at 31 weeks on Tuesday and my fundal height had not increased since my last apt at 28 weeks. She booked me in for a growth scan which I had today. The sonographer confirmed that currently baby measured as within the average measurements with good a heart rate but I'd need to go again in three weeks time to see if growth was indeed static. Which leaves me in a slightly worried state over Christmas! I've tried to look up formal information about potential causes of static fundal height on the NHS website and others or anything that I can do to help but all I can find are forums and the situations are all slightly different. Can anyone relate to this or know where I can find some info?

Thanks so much!

Becca x

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Hi I went through the same thing! Midwife and I didn't grow in a two weeks so I had a scan and baby turns out to be more than fine as she's above average for most measurements! I have extra scans anyway because of preeclampsia so they are watching my baby's growth for that but I think from what I read when I did research on it all that it's normal for them to want to do another scan it's just so they can compare. If they were urgently worried they would deliver your baby right now but the fact they haven't is good sign. Just keep an eye on movements and have a good Christmas... it easier said than done when told to try not to worry but I think most times the growth doesn't turn out to be static and if it does at least they can do something about it..hope this helps x

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That really helps, thanks so much for taking the time out to reply. I'll have to sit tight and wait for the new year. Fingers crossed she does some growing over Christmas!

Best of luck to you and yours too! X

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I really wouldnt worry i keep measuring small but am.on regular growth scans and baby is doing fine. Fundal height is so inaccurate really. Two midwives can measure differently one after the other and babys position can affect it as well. I constantly measure.small but baby is low down has been since 20 weeks.

I wouldn't worry about this if I was you, just because bump isn't growing doesn't mean that baby isn't, I was always measuring 2 weeks ahead with my first baby and had a growth scan baby was fine they told me he would be at least 9lb at the size of my belly and he was 6lb13oz the midwife after explained that the size of the bump is not a reflection on the size of the baby the plotting chart is all in relation to your height and weight at booking in appointment x

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