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I am usually very regular with my cycle. I had 1day of very light bleedin last month and am now 9days late. I took a HPT whoch came back positive but after the timeframe the positive line disappeared. Since then I have taken a few more tests all of which have been negative. I have a mirena coil and am so confused. I have some pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain, tiredness, occasional nausea and increased sense of smell. Has anyone had anythin like this before?

Iv visited the gp n dr thinks the positive test was faulty due to the disappearin line.

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Hi There,

I would go along to your local contraceptive clinic (or back to your GP) to check they can still see the threads of the Mirena (as they can occasionally slip) which would mean it is not working correctly. Until someone checks for you, use condoms for back up or avoid sex until it's checked. Hope it goes ok.

Best Wishes



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