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Pregnancy or no pregnancy?!

So I have a regular partner and it's been 6 weeks since my last period. I feel nauseous all the time which has been happening for around 2 and a half weeks. My tummy feels bloated and my breasts are very tender. I'm also so unsettled, I can't sleep on a night even though I'm exhausted all the time. My doctor has been completely unhelpful. I have done a home pregnancy test but last time I was pregnant they didn't show up positive until 6 weeks. Could I be pregnant?

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With all those symptoms and a late period, there's a high possibility that you're pregnant, but keep in mind that over-stressing can also greatly affect your menstrual cycle. Take a pregnancy test another week.


Hi There,

Stress can affect your menstrual cycle, but a test at this point should be accurate. It might be better to go to your local contraceptive clinic, work through your dates and take a test with them, that way the nurses will help you to work out what's going on and refer on if they have concerns.

Best Wishes



with all that you are telling us, i believe the symptoms are exactly that of a pregnant lady if the test doesn't show then you should visit a doctor and get yourself checked for pregnancy if you are in fact planning a child I believe it's here, best of luck to you


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