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How possible is it im pregnant?

So i had sex 3 weeks ago today. A few days later i went to the doctors to get my contraceptive injection the day after it was due (my doctors had no appointments on the actual day), usually, towards the end of my injection i start to spot. This time i havent. I have been on the injection for 2 years now and never had any issues before. When i went for my injection, the doctor i had said it doesnt matter which cheek i get it in, however, the burse usually does it opposite cheek to last time. Even if i did a pregnancg test and it aaid negative i wouldnt believe it. Where can i request a blood test?

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Normally the gp does blood test but they'd want to check your urine first and if you had pregnancy symptoms despite a negative they'd then do a blood test. That's how it works at my doctors anyway. Ask at reception at your gp and see if they'd do a blood test straight away rather than a urine test.


Hi There,

The Depo injection is now given up to 13 weeks, so if you were only a day late your cover shouldn't have been lost. To reassure yourself a home urine PT would be accurate now if it was 3 weeks ago that you last had sex. I would do a test and if it's negative and you feel you have symptoms of pregnancy, call and ask your GP if they would do a blood test. Doctors very rarely do blood tests because pregnancy tests are so accurate, but if you are concerned do call them.

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