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Genetic testing

I'm not with the farther of my child. He's told me I'm on my own, I'm due my first appointment with the midwife tomorrow. I was just wondering do I need to ask the baby's farther If there are any genetic conditions on his side. I know there isn't any on my side. I know this is silly a few of my friends that have had babies say yes I should ask. I just don't want him thinking I'm bothering him

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yes you should ask just in case there is health issues on his side of the family


Hi There,

You will be offered some screening tests during pregnancy to try to find any health problems that could affect you or your baby, such as infectious diseases, Down's syndrome, or physical abnormalities. Other genetic tests would only be offered if genetic counselling had been advised. this page takes you through what is offered and when, which may help you decide if you need to contact the father. You can also wait and see what the midwife would recommend, as you will be able to discuss your situation with her.

Best Wishes



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