Hi I'm in a very confusing situation! I miscarried this time last year and since then have had issues with ovulation. I've been taking chlomid and after adjusting the dose a few times it eventually made me start ovulating again. This month when I got my day 21 bloods my progesterone was 2 (too low) and at day 28 it was 15, which suggested I didn't ovulate but was possibly going to! However I've been feeling rotten for the last few days and have been getting positive ovulation tests at cd 35. I took a hpt yesterday (cd38) and today (cd39) and both came back with clear positives (see image) ! I'm going to see my fertility nurse tomorrow to get blood work but I'm just nervous...I thought this month hadn't worked!!! I got a negative hpt test on cd 29 so don't think it is a side affect of the treatment! so confused!!! Any advice is appreciated!


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  • Hi there- how did it go with your fertility nurse? I hope you're okay it sounds like your having a confusing time. I hope you got some helpful information from your nurse. x

  • Hi it went hug blood results last Wednesday were at 301, so definitely pregnant...she said it's just early! I have an early pregnancy scan booked in for this Friday to just check everything...but fingers crossed! Think I just need to relax and enjoy it! Although it hard to forget everything from last time...I just keep waiting for something to go wrong...and I'm on constant knicker watch lol!!! X

  • HCG bloods lol x

  • Ah congratulations on your pregnancy. Good luck for your scan on Friday, I hope it goes well. xx

  • Thank you 😀 x

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