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The depo Injection

Hi, I'm new here.

I started using depo as contraception in October 2013, I stopped using this form of contraception in march 2016, I have had regular periods since stopping contraception but haven't gotten pregnant. i know it can take a while for fertility to return but it seems odd I've have my cycle back but haven't gotten pregnant.

has anyone else on here been on the depo injection and if so how long did it take to get pregnant?

My partner and I have been trying since march and still nothing yet :(

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It can take months to get pregnant no matter what contraception you were using. the best thing i found was dont stress about it just have fun with it. itll happen at some point

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Hi there

It can take up to 18 months – two years for fertility to return after stopping the Depo injection and for menstrual cycles and ovaulation to settle. As you are wanting to be pregnant, just keep having regular sex (2-3 times a week), but don’t make it a chore, eat healthily, start using Folic Acid in preparation of a pregnancy and try to relax about it all. If at a year of stopping the injection you are not pregnant I would suggest you go and talk to your GP and see what the next steps maybe. Good luck.

Best wishes



Hi, I was on the depo and then implant then depo again and due to complications I went to the pill and since coming of them I didn't have a period for over a year and was trying so hard to get pregnant and recently the last few months I've had my normal periods back and hopefully I should get pregnant but I got told it can take up to 2 years for periods and fertility to return to normal


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