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Struggling to get pregnant after the Depo injection

Hi, I'm new here.

I started using depo as contraception in October 2013, I stopped using this form of contraception in march 2016, I have had regular periods since stopping contraception but haven't gotten pregnant. i know it can take a while for fertility to return but it seems odd I've have my cycle back but haven't gotten pregnant.

Has anyone else on here been on the depo injection and if so how long did it take to get pregnant?

My partner and I have been trying since march and still nothing yet :(

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Hi it took me a while to get pregnant i was on depo for a year and had been trying since january this year and have only just got pregnant just stick with it.

It will happen when it happens if you havent by march next year maybe see a doctor to just see if they can suggest anything to help.

Good luck


it can take ages to fall pregnant, the say there is nothing to worry about if its less then two years to conceive and the depo would of messed with your body its not even been a year, relax


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