Feeling unwell

Im six weeks pregnant and im feeling very unwell my mouth teast acidic, spitting alot, having lots of heartburns and indigestion when I eat and stomach pain too, which is really getting on me. Just need an advice on what to take or do to stop this symptoms. I pregnant b4 which i end up having a miscarriage this year in February at 12 weeks but I never experienced this symptoms throughout my 12 weeks pregnancy but this time is totally different. I cant even eat property because of the feeling i will have after eating. I need advice and tips.

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  • Have you tried gaviscon? And sea bands? They are like sweat bands that have a little lump on the wrist to help stop you feeling nauseated.

    The doctor can prescribe anti sickness medication too.

    Could it be anxiety after your miscarriage? I ask because I'm exactly the same and I had a miscarriage in April and I'm pregnant again, and anxious.

  • Im wearing the band at the moment but still feeling the same. I was in hospital today because i still feeling sick and feverish. Going back to early pregnancy unit to scanning to see if everything is OK. Sorry to hear about your lost.

  • Go see your doctori was like this and ended up being sick to point of needing iv fluids as i couldnt rven keep water down but anti sickness meds.like cyclizine will help

  • Im also having this metallic teast in my mouth that stopping me from taking enough fluid.

  • Hi there

    You need to seek help from your GP as they can prescribe anti-sickness medication for you, which should help alleviate your symptoms so you can eat. Only a doctor can prescribe this, so make an appointment asap.

    Best wishes


  • Will the anti-sick medication also stop me from having indigestion and heart burn too.

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