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dont know what to do

Hi , looking for some advise, 2 weeks ago i found out im pregnant about 6-7 weeks.

i have weary beautiful 3 children's youngest daughter is 3 years old son is 4 years and daughter 8 years . my husband is weary happy about im pregnant . But im not shore i want go back to work not sitting just in home . i think every day now what to do but i make midwife appointment . Every day i think now about abortion thats will be the best , now im so sad every day

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Well you need to sit down with your husband and talk about it all really, thats the only advise i can give.


we cant tell you to keep your baby just like we cant tell you to abort it, this is a choice you need to make with your family, all I can say is if it was me I would keep the baby regardless of my situation, i wont go in to it to much but I don't believe in abortion, that is just my opinion and I don't speak for anyone else


Hi lasmina, just to say that if you want to work, that's something to move forwards towards, but you don't have to have an abortion to do that. Childcare will obviously be something you will need, but will need it regardless if you go back to work. If the thought of having an abortion makes you sad, make sure to really think through your decision. And if you're scared, remember that you have a lot of hormones changing around right now. Talk to friends and definitely your husband about what kind of emotional and practical support you will need. Xx


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