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Could I be pregnant ?

I had my mirena taken out months ago.. Ive had alot of unprotected sex since, i took 5 pregnancy tests last week before i was due for my period thinking it wasnt going to come on 2 tests were postive but faint.. I got my period on monday and finished by wednesday morning.. Im so confused ive been to 3 GP's and they just tell me to wait I am so frustrated has anyone experienced this before ?

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The hospital told me if you did the test right ans there was a faint line it is always a positive. Any line faint or not is a line so maybe get the clear blue digital. I found out I was pregnant just before my period was due and the lines were so faint hubby thought I was crazy and I kept getting faint lines went to doctor and she said no not pregnant nothing here event hough I was hardly due on my.period (doctors tests aren't as sensitive as the early can buy) the same doctor told me I wasn't pregnant before then 8mknths later I had my daughter lol! Turns out I was pregnant and to prove it to hubby I got the digital and it said pregnant in big fat letters can't miss that! Haha but if you've been bleeding it could be normal cos some women bleed in pregnancy but it's defo worth finding out incase there's anything wrong..hope it all goes well for you.

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I've done the digital which was negative and my doctor says it could be that the mirena hormones are stronger so the hCG isn't showing on the tests.. Thanks for the advice will get another one in a few days might help.. just fed up of leaving clinics without answers haha


It is frustrating cos uou just want to know for sure. Hopefully in a few days hcg levels will go up enough get a positive test. If you get a negative again ask the do a blood test that's how you'll get the most accurate result.


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