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20 week scan yesterday

Hi I had my 20 wk scan yesterday and all is fine. I didn't find out Sex so will be a surprise.

The scan was thorough and seems to take a while . Sometimes the lady who scanned me was pressing quite hard it wasn't unbearable but because baby was in an awkward position she had to keep moving scanner into awkward position.

Well, lastnight my lower belly in the middle towards the right felt tender . I woke up during night and it felt the same , almost feels bruised. And the same this morning , it's tender to touch.

I'm not worried because I think baby may be hurt ( because I saw baby moving about yesterday) but has anyone else had this after a scan ? My 2nd scan at 12 weeks was a lot gentler .

She said my placenta was at the front so that's why I haven't felt much movement yet , as baby is snugged right up against it.

She said in 3-4 weeks I should feel the real kicks . I can't wait 😄😄😄.

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yes I had this during my 20 week scan with this baby, she was pressing really hard and was really painful as she was doing it, I told her and she said she was sorry but she needed to view baby's brain properly, my stomach ached all around the lower half for a couple of days, its nothing to worry about

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I was exavtly same my placenta is at front too and i felt bruised after even family that came with said it looked like she was really pressing. Vut when placenta is at front they have to get through that as well

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