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5+4 pregnant

Hi ladies I'm the above pregnant with 1st baby. Found out on Saturday and over the weekend I was spotting with brown blood and had period pains so went to see my GP yesterday. They said this was normal but today I have red blood and a bit more of it so went to see the gp again. They said its normal but if I get cramps and it's more than a tablespoon of blood to go back. I'm really worried. Has anyone else been through this?


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I started heavy bleeding around the 5 week mark myself & passed a large clot, The advice i was told was if it turns into more than 3 pads within the hour go to get check... Or if it just turns into a period type bleed then you unfortunately have to wait & see (was told to wait 2 weeks before taking another test to see what happened)

Thr reason to my bleed is completely unknown & ivr actually bled twice now within this pregnancy but thankfully still have a little baby inside!

Once was around the time my actual cycle would have been due to which they say can happen.

Sometimes bleeding can be something that just happens for some women in pregnancy, but they always advice you to speak to someone to be safe.

If your worried still I would definitely go back.

Sorry it's not loads of help.


Thanks for telling me this. I have stopped bleeding today but have stomach ache like period pains. Seeing the midwife tomorrow.


I'm surprised your gp didn't do something the 2nd time with the blood being red. Definetly keep a close eye I read you are your midwife tomorrow? That's good I find they take your situation more seriously there than the gp. My midwives were really concerned I was ectopic but gp refused to give me a referral to the epu at the hospital my midwife even suggested going through a & e but I didn't want to do that... so changed to different gp n got referred so was at epu in an hour. I think midwife is always the best bet if you can get an appointment


Thank you for the info. Totally feel like the gp did not care. But hoping to get on better with the midwife tomorrow. Not bleeding today but have period pains. Im hoping I can go for an early scan to get checked out. Thanks


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