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I'm after a little bit of advice. Yesterday I woke up to excruciating pains in my right side, it was that painful that every movement hurt. Then after 45 mins, they went.

Then later in the evening after I'd eaten, the same pain came back in the exact same place. But this time, it lasted for about 2 hours, maybe longer.

I called the midwife this morning and she told me to call the mac at the hospital. She said she wouldn't really be concerned and class it as growing pains, but as they lasted so long I was to call them just for advice. So I called them and they didn't seem that concerned as the pain isn't there today. They have put it down to growing pains.

I'm actually a little bit concerned though. I had a private scan a couple of weeks ago when I was 15 weeks and baby was fine. I'm now 17 weeks and thinking I want to book another private scan to make sure things are ok. I asked the mac centre if it would harm the baby if I did and she said no it wouldn't.

Has anybody else experienced pain in the same place for so long?

I'm just so worried, this is my first and I really don't want anything bad to happen 😢

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Hi there

Try to be guided by your midwife and call her back if you don’t feel right, or contact your GP so they can check you over as well, in case you need an indigestion remedy, as that can cause a lot of pain. Scans show things at that moment, but can’t predict the future, so try to be helped by the healthcare professionals that look after you.

Good luck



Does anyone know of a good place for advice ...


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