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16+2 weeks


I'm a little bit concerned that my bump isn't growing and the symptoms are slowly dying down. I went and had a private scan last week to make sure things were fine and things were great, baby is on the correct growth track. But this week, I'm concerned again. ive had no pain or bleeding. But last week I was concerned I had a mmc due to lack of bump and symptoms, hence the private scan.

Does anybody else have these same feelings as me?


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Go and see your doctor and get it checked just to be on the safe side. I know lots of people who say haven't felt as much movement gone to the hospital then got the heartbeat checked and everything is fine. It will put your mind at rest. I get days when I don't feel pregnant at all but then very sick the next day. But I am in the early stages. No pain and no bleeding is a good thing really might just means your body has adjusted properly. Hope it goes good.

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It is 100% normal to worry, it's a mothers instinct. And at this stage we have no physical signs that things are ok, so we can't reassure ourselves. Is this your first pregnancy?! With my first, I went away at 20weeks, nobody believed I was pregnant because I was still flat tummed sunbathing in a bikini. I had no physical symptoms either. The bump quickly caught up though, and at 34 weeks I had spd, and no more ankles, but my baby girl was born healthy only 3 days overdue. It is normal to worry, but if your scans are all okay, you have no bleeding or severe pain then simply enjoy the fact that you're one of the lucky ones who get to enjoy their pregnancy. And congratulations :)


Hi, your reply has made me feel better. It's a scary time. It's my first so have no idea or know what to expect, this website has helped me massively.

I'm concerned because I had a friend who had a mmc and it just puts worry there. As you say, we have no physical reassurance so worry at the smallest of things. Other people have said I'm showing, but I don't feel I am and feel like I've just gained weight instead. It's such a weird feeling and emotion to go through xx


Honestly I wouldn't worry, I'm 15 weeks and have no symptoms at all too, if I hadn't missed periods I would never have known. It's my first to so I know how concerned you are I've been to the hospital too but I wouldn't worry too much, if you don't have any bleeding or bad cramps. Just think a few more weeks and we will feel the little monkeys kicking. Try and focus on the good things no matter how small or big.


I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first as well, and it's only in the last few weeks I have started to show. I haven't really had any symptoms at all, but all the scans and midwife appointments have shown that everything is fine. I guess we are just the lucky ones, so try and see the positive side of feeling fine - I'm sure it will all catch up in due course. Once you start feeling your baby regularly it will be more reassuring. Good luck with it all!


with my first baby I didn't show until much later on, I think roughly 20 weeks +, I just looked the same, I looked like I gained a little weight but that wasn't until about 18 weeks and didn't feel movement until 21 week ( ish ), its nothing to worry about im sure everything is fine, im now on baby 3 22 weeks on Friday and showing since I was 13 weeks and feeling movement at about the same time


Hi there

You really should talk to a healthcare professional (GP or midwife) as they are the experts and will give you sound advice or will investigate any concerns further.

Best wishes



Hi hun, I'm 19+5 days with my 1st and have no bump. I started feeling flutters about 3 weeks ago and have days where I feel really ill. I've lost over 2 stone due to my morning sickness in the 1 trimester but everyone is different. It's natural to worry about your baby and I hope as time goes you can relax a little and enjoy it ! Always go to your GP if you're concerned.


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