Braxton hicks or little moo moving?

I've been getting a little bit of pressure in my lower abdomen, feels like someone is pulling on it. Its not painful, just a bit uncomfortable. When i put my hand there i can feel that its tight, sometimes it feels like i might be feeling baby but I'm not sure. She moves around and kicks ALOT! I'm 22 weeks and wondered if anyone else has had this? Someone mentioned braxton hicks to me but i assumed they would be more painful. Have also been for a check up as i panicked and everything is fine, not preterm labour!

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  • It depends from person to person on how badly you get the braxton hicks pains...You will see towards the end of your pregnancy braxton hicks will hurt a bit will also notice your stomach would be lower because of the way baby moves. As they grow, they move into their position so that you could give birth )as you probably know) so it is possible that you did feel the baby in your lower stomach but i dont think its something to be stressed about...just see how it goes...


  • your belly is also expanding this whole time, so of course as she moves around and gets bigger you'll have to get bigger too! but always get checked out by the doctor if you ever have doubts - better to be safe than downplay it and there's a real issue xx

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