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Do you think I may be pregnant ? Is this bleeding normal ?

I Had unprotected sex 2thursday's ago & i know its early but my body has been feeling wierd lower back & stomach pains , certain smells make me wanna throw up , even soar breast , i told my boyfriend and he admitted that he nutter in me , but this morning I started what I thought was my period but its reddish brown & lighter than my normal period , I have only had to change my pad once today plus my period wasn't even supposed to come till the 2nd - 6th so this is what confused me & made me wonder .

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I guess you could be pregnant best way to know for sure is either do an early testing pregnancy test or wait a few days after your period is due and take one.


Hi there

I would recommend taking a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the unprotected test as the test should be accurate by then. If the test comes back negative but you are still concerned it might be an idea to book an appointment with your GP so they can go over dates and run a blood test.

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